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What it takes to buy an e-liquid


Anyone with an electronic cigarette or an e-cig needs an e-liquid. As much as most vaping kits offer everything you need at the beginning, you will be liquid to get an e-liquid for yourself from time to time. The e-liquid is like a fuel responsible for creating the vapor you see when using an e-cig. Unlike traditional smoking, e-liquids offers a list of options when it comes to things like flavor and nicotine concentrations among other things.

Factors to consider when buying an e-liquid


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The flavor is perhaps the most important thing anyone looking for an e-liquid looks at. Flavored smoking makes vaping more pleasurable compared to conventional smoking methods. You have a huge variety to choose from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mangos, and coffee and a whole list of other flavors. As a tip, try out different flavors from time to time.


The nicotine concentration levels in an e-liquid are very important. This is especially true for someone who has just switched from vaping to smoking. Chain smokers are expected to go for high concentrations like 18-24 mg/ml. Light smokers should be comfortable 12-18 mg/ml. on the other hand, anything around 6 mg/ml is perfect for an ultra-light smoker. Some e-liquid meant for none smokers have no nicotine in them, which is excellent for someone who has overcome addiction to nicotine.

Throat hit

The throat hit refers to the feeling of smoke as it hits back your throat. This feeling is also felt when vaping only that its magnitude depends on the e-liquid you choose. Ideally, nicotine concentrations in an e-liquid ranging from 8 -16 mg/ml can deliver an optimal throat hit. Most importantly, you also need to look at carrier liquid rations. Propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin are the most common bases. High amounts of propylene glycol can deliver a decent throat hit.


As the popularity of e-cigs continuous to increase, the safety of e-liquid brands continuous to be a major point of concern. Unfortunately, most e-liquid brands are not as good as they seem to be. As such, make an effort of doing proper research before choosing an e-liquid. Only buy a product once you are sure of its safety.


The price of an e-liquid plays an important role for anyone shopping for an e-liquid. Besides getting affordable e-liquids, you need to look at the value you get from buying any product. Buying a large unit might help you save money. On the hand, buying smaller packs gives you the chance to try out different flavors.